• $50 / hour
  • $30 / half-hour

Recommended scheduling

An hour lesson each week. This produces the best results in the shortest amount of time. For young beginners (under 10 years old) a half-hour each week is usually best for at least the first few months. I do accept students on an every-other-week basis as well, so I can work with your budget. While there are plenty of people offering music lessons for significantly less per hour, not every lesson is equal. I produce results quickly and a half-hour with me twice a month is far more beneficial than two hours a week with an incompetent instructor.


  • $80 / hour

Scheduling for in-home lessons

Prices are significantly higher for in-home service. Every week is recommended, but I can accept students on an every-other-week basis. For in-home service, however, my minimum time per lesson is an hour. This may be split among two students, so friends or siblings may share an hour, but it must take place in one location. I am currently offering in-home service in the Northwest, Summerlin, Southern Highlands, and Green Valley areas. Availability is limited and students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Now Offering
Web-Cam Instruction

for Guitar, Bass Guitar, or Music Theory via Skype or AIM!!!

Email me for scheduling information. Please put "Web-Cam Lessons" in the email subject.